Artist Biography- Elisabeth Scheidl

Elisabeth Scheidl was born in New Jersey in 1968. She earned a BFA in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1990. As a student of industrial design, she began to express relationships between real and perceived functionality in objects and surfaces.

Later, in New York City, she continued her art by making steel sculptural furniture and was occupied as an ornamental ironworker for building restorations. Following a stint as a welder in rural Georgia, she settled in San Francisco in 1993.

Since 2000, Elisabeth's primary focus has been oil painting. Her abstract maps and diagrams use unapologetic color to illustrate the sometimes absurd and unpredictable order in everyday life.

Elisabeth Scheidl is nonexclusively represented by LIMN Gallery since 2001, and also exhibits at a wide range of venues in and around San Francisco.

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